The Sense of Touch

By Lilana Nicoghosian, Chief Designer, architexture design consultancy, North America.

Touch. It’s what we do when we want to confirm what our eyes see. Is it friendly? Inviting? Soft? Strong? Rough? Smooth? All of these feelings and many more are confirmed by our brains the second we touch something. The sense of touch, and the manipulation of textures, is one of the most effective pathways to forming an opinion of a product. Touch has a profound impact on how we relate to a product. It instantly shapes our thoughts of it, maybe even more than the first time we see a product.

Textures are a great way to evoke the end user’s sensory experience to ignite an emotional connection with a product. The role of textures with combinations of materials and colors are going to be even more impactful in autonomous vehicles, and help automotive manufactures differentiate their product. Textures communicate a variety of messages: luxury, efficiency, cleanliness, and safety, to name a few.

Architexture Design Consultancy offers the design community a unique opportunity to develop surface finishes and textures that underscore brand identity. We like to help tell the story of a product and help define a brand, through carefully created textures. We take a wholistic approach to understanding the messaging behind each product, each part, and work with our clients to create the perfect texture, haptic feel, and process best-suited to delivering the intended message. We work hand-in-hand with our clients’ internal design studios, and craft texture solutions that not only deliver the desired sensory effects; but are feasible within timing and budget requirements. We would love to help you tell your story.

Architexture design consultancy by Standex Engraving Mold-Tech.