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Architexture turns any creative spark into a reality. Inspiration is our starting point, nothing is static, everything is possible and it can be done at an accelerated pace to meet deadlines and save costs.

You have creative ideas for your product that you need to feel, to handle and test out, to see your vision come to life. But deadlines are tight, and budgets don’t budge. Where do you start? The design process can seem daunting and time-consuming when you want to get your finished product into the market fast.

At Architexture we believe the design process should be easy. We understand that deadlines come up quickly and that a complicated design process can feel never-ending, leading to frustration. Feeling frustrated is not conducive to creativity, so we take all that worry out of the equation and support you every step of the way.

Here’s how it works…


We source metaphoric images to express your vision and evoke the emotional intent of your design, giving it an authentic voice. This empowering narrative enables your idea to become a reality. As established leaders in the design of bespoke textures, we are not choosers of what already exists, but rather, we are inventors of the new.

Textures are design-engineered for surface performance such as scratch and mar, reflectivity, aero and hydrodynamics, haptic and touch sensations, contact control, gloss management, grip, anti-squeak, acoustics, and more.

Using our Fit-to-Form Design process, a new texture is designed as a skin to augment the form it embraces without seams or distortion. Textures are reviewed digitally to achieve a design that is geometry-sensitive to any 3D shape. Prior to bringing your design into the real world, we can ensure it perfectly aligns with your specific vision.

Architexture’s proprietary Rapid Texture Prototype (RTP) breakthrough technology uses ultra-high-resolution 3D printing to quickly turn digital concepts into a physical reality. RTP gives you the freedom to experiment by eliminating expensive tooling, significantly reducing lead time and increasing possibilities of ideas.


The skillful hands of our experienced specialists transform your model into a glimpse of the future. Model-Tech® is an ultra-high-resolution 3D printed prototype skin applied directly onto your model to accurately simulate a textured production part. Complex surfaces are perfectly enveloped in any colour and gloss level you desire.

These large-format skins create finished products with details that are so precise they can be used for senior management reviews, advertising shoots, automotive shows and customer feedback.

Wrapping of clay or ren board (Ureol) models and prototype parts for design reviews or shows is done with perfection. Wrapping a complex shape with your custom texture is simplified using our Render-Tech technology to digitally manipulate any design relative to the product’s shape, seamlessly and without distortion.

We always guarantee the designs we create are verified and can be reproduced for production tooling. With laser engraving, chemical etching, casting or a hybrid of these processes based on our expertise as Standex Engraving Mold-Tech, we ensure our designs will always come to life on your end product.

Our design studio offers the convenience and assurance of testing until the results are perfect. Our technology and experience enable us to make changes and research fresh creative options with the speed you’re looking for in a highly competitive marketplace.


Architexture is the creative studio for the custom textures produced by Standex Engraving Mold-Tech, the premier global supplier for mold texturing and surface finishes with more than 40 locations around the world. To discover how we transform your design dream into a reality for manufacturing, visit our website.

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